9 Ocak 2013 Çarşamba

Knights, Italy, 2006

Artist-Trading-Cards, C.Schick, Switzerland, 2006

Emilio Morandi, Italy, 2006

Paul Tiilila, Finland, 2006

The City Of Ceuta, Spain, 2008

Intercultural, Spain, 2006

Jasmine Louise, USA, 2005

Culture: Mail - Peace - Art, Canada, 2006

Shed light, The Peacework, 2003

Dingwelt, Net Art Project, Germany

By Fly Mail, François Frisch, Luxembourg, 2003

Jose Roberto Sechi, Brasil, 2003

Traumgebilde Room - Creation, Germany, 2005

Psyche Out Is Hot, Argentina, 2004

Javier Torron, Spain, 2007

God is a tree - not a TV, Wayne Rasmussen, 2005

Futurenergie, Italy, 2008

Archive Of Artistic Works Art Projects About The Amazonic World, Ruggero Maggi, Italy

You Are I Am, Edith Abeyta, USA, 2004

Scream Back, Ad Breedveld, Netherland, 2005

Dia de los Muertos_Carla Cryptic, USA, 2004

Berand G. van der Gracht, Belgium, 2004